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My name is Kara O’Connor. I’m a visual designer and performer/comedian, living in Los Angeles.

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Otherwise, check out my resume here! – tl;dr

I feel really fortunate for the opportunity to work as a designer and I appreciate that it allows me to marry my passions of technology, creativity and humor. I often try to implement comedy in my design process to ensure I’m generating something people will enjoy.

As for my skill level, immediately after completing my design program – I was hired by Distiller.com to develop video content with the goal of driving more users to their app. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with QMX (Quantum Mechanix) in creating animated promotional material for their various collectible designs, including licenses from DC Comics, Marvel and Harry Potter. I’ve since gained immense knowledge in various design programs and can confidently say I’m now adept in many of the Adobe Suite applications; specifically After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, Animator, InDesign, Muse, DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and Character Animator. What I don’t already know I tend to learn quickly, due to my love of learning, technology and a challenge.

Outside of the Adobe package, I spent my final school semester specializing in the interactive and visual mapping program, Touch Designer. I considered it the most challenging program I’ve ever had to learn and view it (and interactive design) as the future of design. I think it’s a valuable skill for any designer to learn and I’ m glad I know the basics of it. I hope to fully tackle it soon and display my TouchDesigner work on this website. Stay tuned!

In my spare time, I enjoy honing my skills in writing and performing. I hope to someday work with more Animation, both technically and in performing.

When I’m not furthering my career goals, I write and perform sketch comedy with a group (Day Job, check us out!). I’m a founding member as well as in charge of our branding, having created all of our graphics/logo and video marketing material. I think working within the group also helps me keep my creative collaboration skills sharp.

I feel inspired by visual artists like,

Saul Bass, who is a personal hero. His title sequences for films such as North by Northwest and The Seven Year Itch inspired me to develop an interactive museum kiosk and game for design class(via Adobe Animator). See my game design, here!

Cindy Sherman is amazing and she often uses humor to communicate in her work. Find her work, here!

Kara Walker makes powerful visual art that softly punches you in the gut. See her genius, here. Also? Same name!

Yayoi Kusama who invites you to join her in her work. Not taking ownership but sharing art and understanding interactivity. Read her incredible life story here but try to go see her art in person!

Thanks again, for stopping by! Have a great day and remember,

be nice to robots.

Kara Robot

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